Wall Mural Trends

When it comes to decorating our walls, we tend to think of two options – paint or wallpaper. However there is a new trend that is hitting the decorating world, Wall murals. 

Paint and wallpaper may be here to stay but it’s large scale wall murals that are keeping them company this time, rather than small borders repeated around the home. These wallpaper are supplied in easily to apply wallpaper drops ready for application onto your walls. The most important part is that they’re large features with the Wow! factor.

They are for making a wall a work of art. Some of the best murals around make use of clever techniques to transform the atmosphere in a room. It may be that you want to open up a space by bringing an outside setting inside, or simply add personality and vibrancy with an enterprising print.

bespoke wallcovering showing a giants causeway wall mural in living room bespoke wallcovering of a city scape wall mural in dining room

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