Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. co.uk domain is owned and operated by My-Wall Ltd. My-Wall Ltd is registered in England and Wales whose registration number is 07319301 and registered address is 11 Greyfriars Drive, Bromsgrove, B61 7LF. United Kingdom. VAT number is 201 8039 50.
  2. The images of the products used are for illustration purposes only. Every effort has been done to maintain colour and proportions as accurately as possible via the consumers media device, however some media devices may re-proportion sizing or colour to suit the application viewing from our web site.
  3. All products shown are subject to availability. We will e-mail you if a product or service is unavailable, out of stock or un-processable within 7 days of placing an order.
  4. All images may have a tolerance of up to 5% from the original specification designed on our online studio.
  5. My-Wall Ltd supplies either approved licenced images or licence free images known as content for reproduction to a wall mural. The licence purchased under these terms and conditions are for a single print use. Any reproductions required of all or part of an image will require the full order to be re-processed and paid for in full.
  6. For images that are uploaded directly by the consumer, My-Wall Ltd takes no responsibility for litigation of use of these images. My-Wall Ltd has no copyright infringement of unlicensed content uploaded by a customer. Therefore, the consumer must accept any liability of litigation arising from the reproduction of unlicensed content.
  7. Content images uploaded of indecent exposure of children or of a criminal nature, will result with the order being terminated and any funds received being returned.
  8. Use of our web site is governed by our Terms and Conditions. It is important that consumers are aware of these conditions at the time of purchase.
  9. If you are a consumer, you must be over 18 years old. As a consumer you have legal rights in relation to faulty products and receiving products that are not correctly described. Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Trading Standards can provide you with advice in relationship to your legal rights. These Terms and Conditions do not interfere with your legal rights.
  10. If you are a business user, you are then confirming you have the legal right to act on behalf of the business acquiring a My-Wall Ltd product from this web site.
  11. Consumers can add selected products to the electronic shopping basket and submit an order. A binding order for the purchase of the goods in the basket only upon accepting our terms & conditions by clicking on the associated checkbox before payment can be taken.
  12. Once an order has been received from the web site, whereby during this process you are required to proof the positioning of the image, accept the terms and conditions upon which you enter into this agreement, you have the opportunity to check for any errors before final submission and payment. My-Wall will not be held responsible by any means, for any errors of wall sizing or image quality. We do not offer refunds on customised wall murals or any customised products from our web site after the product has been produced.
  13. We reserve the ownership of the purchased good until the price of the good as well as other goods from the same order is fully paid.
  14. Currency for each order is in GB Sterling Pounds. Any orders from outside of the UK, My-Wall Ltd takes no responsibility from the consumers credit card company or bank for fees in relation to payment of the order.
  15. Once you have confirmed your order and payment has been made, an automated e-mail acknowledgement with a unique order number will be issued that confirms we have received your order. The contract between us is completed once the order has been paid in full, produced and shipped. This process can be up to 10 working days from date of order.
  16. Payment is required at the order completion stage. Payment can be accepted from all major credit & debit cards.
  17. You have a right to cancel a product or service ordered from the My-Wall web site within seven working days of order, providing the services agreed within the contract have not already started.
  18. Our quality inspection process inspects and photographs every wall mural for defects or print errors prior to shipping. However, in the unlikely event a product has arrived with a print or material defect, you have the right to have the product replaced or refunded. Evidence of any defects may be required for inspection. Any defects in image quality must fall with 5% (Clause 4) before a replacement or refund can be approved.
  19. Our quoted delivery times of up to 10 working days are approximate, and we take no responsibility for third party delays or errors occurred within the courier transport system. Products or services that are delayed or become unavailable by 30 days from payment will be arranged for a rescheduled date or qualify for a refund.
  20. My-Wall Ltd is not responsible consequential liability from delays or defects
  21. My-Wall only supplies products for internal use by both consumers and business consumers. They are not intended for resale purposes.
  22. Refunds are not permitted if murals have been incorrectly fitted or damaged during the installation process.
  23. My-Wall Ltd reserves the right to update these terms and conditions.
GDPR policy is published on the web site.