Are My Wall products environmentally friendly?

The environment is important to us at My Wall, which is why we make every effort to source products and materials which are environmentally sound. All the wallcovering papers are from FSC approved paper mills and the ink are green safe and none toxic.

What units should I measure in?

On our order form, you can enter your dimensions in centimetres.

How to measure

Take your measuring tape and note down the widest width and the highest height of your wall. We only need wall measurements, do not include any skirting board or coving. We will print your wallpaper 1% larger than the dimensions you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. This will make installation easier and safer.

Should I give my exact dimensions (measuring)?

As each Wallpaper is custom made to each customer’s unique wall dimensions, ensuring accurate wall measurements for your wall(s) is crucial. Adding any additional excess to the excess we print will mean cutting further into the designs during installation, which, of course, with some designs can have a large impact. We recommend that you give the exact dimensions of your wall, measured at the widest and highest part of the wall. We suggest measuring your wall at a variety of points to ensure you find the widest and highest points. You can add a little excess to your measurements if you would like some extra to allow for any other wall discrepancies. Note we then print your Wallpaper approximately 1% larger than your sizes, to account for any margin of error or slightly uneven walls that you may not have accounted for.

Are the Wallpapers suitable for use in bathrooms?

If you are looking to hang your Wallpapers in your bathroom, we would suggest using our heavy paper. This option is the most durable and our most water resistant paper type. We do suggest not having your Wallpapers in a location where it will be exposed directly to liquids. If you are planning on installing our products where they may be consistently exposed to water, we would recommend applying a form of protective wear layer on top of the paper, such as a decorator’s varnish or glass, to give the paper and ink an extra layer of protection.

Are the Wallpapers suitable for use in a commercial environment?

If your Wallpapers will be used in a high traffic area, we would recommend using our heavy paper. This option will give the greatest resistance to damage and is extremely hardwearing.

Are the Wallpapers suitable for outdoor use?

No, we do not recommend that you install a Wallpaper outdoors as it will likely be damaged by weather conditions.